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Tarunima Prabhakar

Co-Founder, Research Lead at Tattle Civic Technologies and Associate Research Fellow at the Center of Responsible AI at IIT Madras

Tarunima is a researcher working at the intersection of technology, policy and global development. Since 2019, she has focused on growing Tattle, a project she co-founded. Tattle builds citizen-centric tools and datasets to respond to inaccurate and harmful content in India. For the most part, her job is to make sure that things at Tattle are organized enough for others to function and thrive in the space (i.e. she is the Tattle house-elf). Occasionally, she’ll get to work with the data Tattle collects. Even less frequently, she’ll find time to write on misinformation, platforms and moderation. In another life, she studied the deployment of behavioural credit-scoring algorithms towards financial inclusion goals. In yet another life, she worked on ICTD and Data driven development projects with non-profits and tech companies in Asia and the United States.